Look to the One Who Holds it All

With Christmas time in full swing, it seems I've had a constant stream of Christmas music filling nearly every moment of day, with joy and beautiful reminders of what this season's true purpose is.

I’ve always been one to appreciate the classics. It’s hard to beat Frank Sinatra's soothing voice. And each time I listen to one of Bing’s classics, it's seems every beautiful childhood memory of Christmas time comes flooding back to my mind and heart.

This year though, I have been cherishing The Thrill of Hope, an album by Christy Nockels. It lifts my gaze towards heaven, as the lyrics remind me over, and over again to await for the day when I behold my King in all of His splendor.

This line has been one that I find myself pondering even more than all of the rest.

“You came so all would be made right
And the baby that all beheld

The same baby Mary held

Is the same God who is holding us now"

He is holding us, friends. He always has, He is right this very moment, and He always, always will.
All that He desires from us, in response to His gentle, patient care, is to simply look to Him with the wonder filled eyes of a little child.

We look to Him for wisdom and for strength. We look to Him for comfort and for that sincere, unfailing, unfathomable, deep-down fulfilling love, that He alone posses and freely gives. We look to Him in times of distress, in times of pain, when all around is dark and desperate. We look to Him when we're at peace, when joy fills our hearts so full, that it wells up inside of us and spills out in a radiant display of His goodness for all the world to behold. When things go as we think they should, and when they seem to be going the opposite direction of what we had hoped.

Our hearts must be fixed on Him. Our gaze must be set upon His face. Our immediate response to any sort of circumstance must  be to fall on our knees and look up to His all-loving, all-knowing face. Because in Him, all that is needed is found. All that is sought after is ours. All that is necessary is possessed.

He longs, yes aches, for us to turn our weary souls to Him, and not turn our gaze away until our hearts needs have been met. Until His will is accomplished here in our very lives.

He's holding you friend. Don't turn your gaze away. Don't look to other helps; to other guides. Don't expect another thing to take His place. Don't act as if any worldly comfort could hold you any tighter than He is holding you right this very moment. Don't seek to find a peace in something that is affected by worldly troubles and chaos.

Our deepest rest and greatest calm is found when we release our grip, and realize that He holds every answer, every solution. He cares more about you and me than we could even fathom.

He's safe. Not in a worldly sense, but with an eternal promise. He's sure. Never will He fail, never will He know defeat. He's steadfast. He posses a love that has been in existence since before time and it won't change now. He's anchored. He's a solid foundation, an unmoving place to put your feet.

You can let go and place yourself entirely in the hands that bear the scars of your redemption, knowing that His perfect will for your life will unfold, as you release your hold.

I'm quite convinced that our God entrusts His most priceless treasures and meaningful tasks to those who have their gaze pointed His way. He knows then, that they will allow Him to work. They won't strive on their own, they won't try to bear the load. No, that's not possible when looking up to an all-powerful, almighty God.

Those looking to Him, live broken, available lives. Available for His power to transform. Available for His glory to radiate through. Yes, those are the sons and daughters that He entrusts His eternal missions to. Because He knows full well that they'll bring them back, with wide open hands and hearts for Him to do what He does best-reveal Himself.

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