Present and Yield


I wonder what your response would be if I were to come up to you and say, “Hey, I could use some help! Could you go to this meeting for me?” So far you might think, “Okay, I could probably handle that.” But then I add a little something to the request. You see, in order for this to work, you need to say the exact things I would say, behave in the same way I would behave and look exactly like me so that when people look at you, they are convinced that they are seeing only me. Now, do you think you could pull it off? 

My guess is that if you are a person with any common sense you would be looking at me as if I’m completely crazy, and you would be absolutely right. 

But, think of this. God has created you in His image and has sent you into the world as His ambassador. His design is that the world looks at you and sees the character of God Himself. His desire is that the words you speak would be the words He would speak if He were physically walking the earth.

Just stop and consider this concept for a moment. At first you might feel incredible honor, but as the awesome weight of such a responsibility sweeps over you, my guess is that you might start to feel completely incapable and wonder what exactly God had in mind when He set this plan in motion.

You could go ahead and give it a try. We’re all pretty good at giving it our best shot. But the results will be far from what you are hoping to achieve. Instead of godliness you’ll end up with defeat, destruction and depression. You’ll feel the weight of hopelessness and wonder how you’re to continue on such a rocky path. Is this what God intended or what He had in mind? Perhaps you just need a little more effort and maybe one more rule to follow. That’s sure to keep you in line! And yet, you find yourself again at the bottom of the cliff, finding you’ve only accomplished more destruction and no new ground has yet been gained. Why this constant defeat? What could possibly be gained through this design? 

Yes, it’s true that we are His ambassadors set forth to accomplish a task. And yes, this task is displaying His likeness to everyone who may cross our path. But this isn’t the end of the mission and if you stopped listening there, no wonder you’re discouraged. 

His plan has a second step and its summed up with the words present and yield. You see, in order to display Him, there mustn’t remain any trace of you. Your desires, your dreams, your plans, your wants, your thoughts, your words, your actions…all of this, must go to the cross every single day. Not just once, not just twice, but every morning before the day begins, all day long as you go about your tasks, and every night as you see the day come to a close. This is the only way to truly be an ambassador of Christ. 

You see, in reality your task only goes as far as presenting and yielding your life. After that, He’s the one in control. He’s the one directing, orchestrating and leading. And guess what my friend, He is very good at being God. There is no one better to be the life of Christ in you, than Jesus Christ Himself. 

One of my favorite authors, Major Ian Thomas, put it well when he said,” You can’t-He never said you could-He can, He always said He would. So let Him.”

So why are you trying to be something you simply can not be? Instead, why not pour your efforts into the task of obedience? He has a call on your life. He has a mission to accomplish. Before anything can be accomplished though, you must step out of the way. 

Let Him display Himself in and through you, and watch as the worlds eyes are turned upward and hearts that were once stoney become soft to His gentle voice. 

The commands are simple-present and yield-and yet this is a task that will take us all our lives to fully learn. We’d better begin now. 

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