Chasing Happiness


I remember it clearly. I was sitting in my last church service before the big move back to my little hometown in Wisconsin. God had made it so clear that He wanted me to move back by my family after spending a year out in Colorado. Because of my assurance that this is what he wanted I embraced the change and made plans to head back without fear of what may be on the other side-that is, until that day. As I looked around the church full of people I'd grown to love and appreciate, people who had become like family to me, I started to doubt. Questions like "Are you sure this is what will make you happy?" or "Is this really what you want to do?" started filling my mind. The bate to analyze these questions was so intense and I started down that road, trying to determine if this is the way I wanted to go. It was so subtle and seemed safe until later that afternoon, I realized what the enemy had been up to. Since when was this about me?