Sea of Faces

I've seen new places, experienced new things, learned new cultures and grew in my knowledge of history. I've learned more of what it means to be adaptable to different ways of living, but one thing has always remained the same in this month full of many changes, and that is the people.
Yes they look different, act different, have their own personalities and styles, and yet, they all have something in common. It's the need for a Savior, the cry and hunger for something more. They are all in need and searching for the same thing. My eyes have been opened in a whole new way. What I once saw as just the lost, has now become a sea of faces. No longer a vague people group across the world, but instead, individual lives, and they are somethings of far greater worth than any castle or monument.

They are a real reason for living.
I've been given something they are desperately in need of, something that they are still a stranger to. 
How can I remain silent?
For to remain silent may mean that that sweet little gypsy girl with a dirty face and bright smile, may grow up to be a woman who is tossed and thrown around by this world. 
To hold back, may mean that those two girls from Poland just continue to question their purpose in this world, never knowing the Father that loved them enough to die in their place. 
To not speak up means that those Muslim girls never hear of different way of living, never know that there's more to faith than a set of rules and a life of trying.
When you've found the key that unlocks the answers to all of lives questions how can you not share?
What could keep you from telling every friend and family member of what you've found? Speaking it in the streets and shouting it from the high places?
To speak is to love, which can only mean that to remain silent is to be a stranger to real love.
You and I were created to be a messenger and when you don't carry out the very thing you were created for in some way or form, how can you be living the life you were intended. 
There are people around us, right outside our doors or even in our home. We don't have to travel to the other side of the world. He's provided all that we need. What more could we be waiting for?

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