To Those Whom Little Feet Follow

Let me give you two little glimpses into my life recently...

The day I tried to clean the kitchen...
There's two little kiddos eating lunch at the table. I race to try and get the kitchen clean before they are "let loose" to destroy once again. Two minutes into the cleaning I hear a crash and look up to find pieces of what once was a plate strewn across the floor and pieces of food everywhere. They're both demanding to be freed from their chairs so I hurry to let them go, praying they miraculously find something quiet to do and begin to clean up the mess. Five seconds in and I hear screaming from the youngest. I look up to see her being pulled to the ground by her bib as her older sister tries to "help" by attempting to remove it. I sit down, pull the sobbing child into my lap looking around at what was supposed to be a clean kitchen and instead looks like a battlefield. Then I hear the word "Smile!" and look up to see my phone held up in my face by little two year old hands, and I decide right then and there to stop caring and do as I'm told.

                               (Blurry, awkward and messy, but some good ol' real life)

And then there's that day I decided to go to the park...
On my way with three little ones and it takes a good half an hour to walk a few blocks because the four year old is trying out her new scooter. We finally reach the destination and ten minutes into playing I hear the words "I have to go to the bathroom!" I catch a little sob in my throat cause it's been a long day and I realize the closest bathroom is...back home. We try to hurry, but in the 4 year olds mind, we didn't have enough time at the park whether she needs a bathroom or not.

And then it begins. 

At first just a loud wailing...two minutes more and I find myself walking through the neighborhood, scooter in one hand and a hysterically screaming little girl in the other. No amount of explaining is able to cure cries such as these. As we walk past homes, disturbing every family's "quiet" afternoon, moms come running out frantically to check if we're okay. I smile and say "Oh, yes! Just fine!" and continue on, the screams getting just a bit louder. By the time we reach home I've lost hearing in one ear, feel a good dose of humiliation and wonder if I'll ever venture to the park again. 

                                                               (She really is a doll...)

If you're a mom (or a nanny like me) you have a collection of stories such as these. 
Disasters, melt downs, and just plain chaos. 
Sometimes, it might just overwhelm you. Sometimes you might feel as if you're getting nowhere. Sometimes you can't believe the words that are coming out of your mouth as you tell a child to stop licking the stone fireplace. And in those "sometimes" please remember, that you're only looking at one side of a life with littles in toe.

We live in a world that very often only sees that one side. They see the mess, the inconvenience, the "bother" that these kiddos bring into their, once neat and tidy life. 

This world has turned into a crazy, dysfunctional kind of place. Our priorities are all mixed up and one of the saddest affects of that is our lack of valuing those little footsteps trailing behind you. 

We forget that they are little world changers in training. We forget that they are often better at appreciating the beauty of this world than we are. We forget that they still trying to figure out what this crazy thing called life really is. And most of all, we forget that the steps they are following are the ones teaching them how to live their own lives. 

If you find yourself pushing a child on a swing, driving around town answering the hundreds of questions coming from the backseat, cleaning up their every "adventure" and rocking them to sleep every night then know that you have been entrusted with a beautiful treasure.

You have been given the honor of walking this little person through life, teaching, guiding, encouraging, and displaying to them how this life is meant to be lived. You have the privilege of talking them through life's trials, teaching them of the God who made them and loves them more than they could ever comprehend, explaining to them that this world is in desperate need of those who will share that love with the lost. You have been entrusted with a small part of what the future will be. 

The responsibility is overwhelming, just as it should be. You see, we just can't handle a task such as this, nor were we meant to, and that's all just another part of the privilege of having little feet follow behind you. They drive you right to the feet of Jesus, where every need is met and every plea for help heard. You aren't enough to shape the future, so don't try to think for a moment that you can do this on your own. You were entrusted with these little lives so that Jesus could flow through you in a greater amount; so that you could see each and every moment just how much you need your Jesus.

These little steps are the most precious gift you've ever been given. Now go show the world their immeasurable value. 

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