If You're Not One to Wait

I don't like to be an idle person. I like to do and achieve. That means...I do not like waiting.

In fact, a few years ago I decided to get rid of the word "wait" from my vocabulary all together. After all, I live in a world full of opportunities to go, to do, to serve. I wasn't about to spend any time waiting.

I would hear of those "waiting" for their future spouse, and sure that's all good and fine for you, but I'm not about to be caught putting life on hold until someone decides to come and sweep me off my feet.

I would hear of those waiting on God's direction in their lives and yes, God has had to force me through seasons of that, but I didn't like it and would try to fight against it. I wanted things to happen and if they weren't happening well, I'd try and make them or find something else.

All of this impatience had the same root. They all came from the same fear and that was the fear of disappointment.

I wasn't going to spend my time "waiting" for the man of my dreams because, what if he didn't come?
I wasn't going to sit waiting to see if future plans might work out because, that would mean that they might not and that just wasn't okay with me.

You don't have to read far into God's Word to come across a command to wait. It says so many times that...ah, It's plain awkward to think that I tried to live the christian life without it.

The question is though, on what are we to wait?

God asks us to wait on Him and Him alone, and that is the secret to all of this waiting.

If I were to spend my time waiting on the right guy then my fears just might become a reality, because never was I guaranteed that.
If I spend my time waiting for life to go the way I want it to the end will only be a bitter disappointment, because I wasn't guaranteed that.

There is only one who can bear the weight of our waiting and that is the Sovereign Creator of the Universe-the One who holds all things in the palm of His hand.

To wait means to look eagerly for and to hope expectantly. We can look eagerly to Him in every situation and never, ever be disappointed because He promises that we will always, always find Him. We won't find the perfect fulfillment to all of our life long dreams. We won't find the perfect person to spend the rest of our life with. We won't find the perfect life we've always longed for, but we will always find a perfect God.

If we forsake waiting on God we are forsaking a life of hopeful, expectant living. If we forsake waiting on God we are silencing the dreams that He has placed in our hearts. If we forsake waiting on God, we are settling for less than ideal and falling for the fear of disappointment.

Don't fall for the same lie I have believed. Learn to wait and look closely at what you are waiting on. If it's anything other than God, you will experience disappointment, however, if it is on God, you will never taste disappointment because He never keeps us waiting without fulfilling.

"The Lord is good to those who Wait on Him."
-Lamentations 3:25-

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