If You're Not One to Wait

I don't like to be an idle person. I like to do and achieve. That means...I do not like waiting.

In fact, a few years ago I decided to get rid of the word "wait" from my vocabulary all together. After all, I live in a world full of opportunities to go, to do, to serve. I wasn't about to spend any time waiting.

I would hear of those "waiting" for their future spouse, and sure that's all good and fine for you, but I'm not about to be caught putting life on hold until someone decides to come and sweep me off my feet.

To Those Whom Little Feet Follow

Let me give you two little glimpses into my life recently...

The day I tried to clean the kitchen...
There's two little kiddos eating lunch at the table. I race to try and get the kitchen clean before they are "let loose" to destroy once again. Two minutes into the cleaning I hear a crash and look up to find pieces of what once was a plate strewn across the floor and pieces of food everywhere. They're both demanding to be freed from their chairs so I hurry to let them go, praying they miraculously find something quiet to do and begin to clean up the mess. Five seconds in and I hear screaming from the youngest. I look up to see her being pulled to the ground by her bib as her older sister tries to "help" by attempting to remove it. I sit down, pull the sobbing child into my lap looking around at what was supposed to be a clean kitchen and instead looks like a battlefield. Then I hear the word "Smile!" and look up to see my phone held up in my face by little two year old hands, and I decide right then and there to stop caring and do as I'm told.