Courage that Remains

"Your way was in the sea...
...You led your people like a flock."
-Psalms 77:19-20-

I like to think that I have a good amount of courage. I like to say that I am immovable. I like to believe that when winds and waves come, I'll remain standing strong. But when the storms blow in that's when reality is revealed, and sometimes, it's just not what I was hoping to see.

It's easy to say that our faith is strong, it's easy to claim to be fixed on the solid rock, but at the first sign of a storm, where then are you found?

When the Israelites finally left Egypt behind it says in Exodus that they, "went out with boldness". After they had just seen what their God was capable of, why would they have any need to tremble or fear? And yet, fear they did, when they heard the first sounds; saw the first glimpse of their enemy pursuing after them. They fell apart. They questioned Moses and God. They forgot every single miracle that their God had done to bring them thus far. They even forgot who their God was.

Oh, how quickly their boldness was lost; how quickly their doubt returned! And yet, had the God that they served really changed who He was? 

With increasing danger and a turn of events, their God still remained as powerful as they had seen before. Their reason for doubt was because things weren't going the way that they thought. This didn't seem like God, wasn't His work, and yet all along He never lost the control.

Standing there between a sea and an army, these Israelites couldn't imagine a way of escape. But God's works are often far beyond our imaginings and no visible way is often how He likes it. You see, our God doesn't think from our small earthly view, He isn't limited to what we frail humans can do. So just when we think that theirs no hope for where we're at, that's when we can look with excitement and say, "Just watch what my God will do." I'm sure not a one of those Israelites would ever have expected to look behind them and see the great waters parted. That thought hadn't even entered their mind, and yet still they were walking through on dry ground. 

His ways aren't what we planned, had in mind, or could have even imagined. Yes, His stories are beautiful and His ways always wondrous, but seldom are they what we had in mind. 

So when things take a twist and your left wondering why, don't ever give up or stop having hope. Though all may swirl and seem to crash in, your God stands unmoved, unaltered, unshaken. Put your courage right there, in the one who never fails and you can rest in the fact that all will be well. He's after His glory and your good, so even amidst a sea of wonderings, your fate is not left unknown or unclear. You're right where He wants you and He'll keep you that way. Don't rest in yourself or what you can see. You're strength isn't enough to keep you on your feet. Let go and be weak, until the only strength left is the strength of your God. For His courage is one that will always remain, His boldness one that can never change. 

Yes, His ways may take you through a sea, your path through great waters, but you have this assurance- He will lead you every step. 

"Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. ...The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace."
-Exodus 14:13-14-


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