When We're Made Bold as Lions

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived happily in her own little world. She loved playing the day away and lived quite a good life, safely surrounded by her family and quite protected from this world. There was only one thing that distorted this beautiful picture of a happy childhood however, and that was fear. Though it would seem there was no reason at all for it to be present, still present it was.

This girl, though happy for the most part, deep down was plagued by fear and anxiety. Simple things such as walking into a dark room or being left behind would put her into a deep panic and often nightmares were a close companion. This was only the start of her journey with fear, for as she grew, it never left, but rather it only changed in it's form.

When she was little it seemed quite a silly little thing, something common to children perhaps. But as she grew it became a deeper problem and began to hinder her in more and more ways.

Once a bit older it changed it's form into a fear of starting conversations, talking with strangers and meeting new people. These things were things to be dreaded to this fearful little girl and because of that she tried hard to stay under the shadow of those she felt safe around. Because of this reservedness and withdrawn behavior many would assume this little girl was an unhappy child and perhaps even bitter.

As this girl grew up she was forced, by life's different circumstances, to leave behind the comforts of being shy and quiet and was no longer able to hide behind others shadows. She knew she had to step out of what was familiar to her and take on the challenge of meeting new people and facing this world. It was a painful process but one she later learned to embrace.

Today, few would guess that this girl ever lived that fearful, timid life. She's become someone who can be a bit too bold at times and have a bit too much to say most often. Making new friends has become her favorite past time and starting up conversation a regular habit. However fear, well, leaving that behind with the others was a bit more of a battle.

Yes, she can now walk into the dark without being panic stricken and no longer is plagued with anxiety when left behind. However, fear found a new way to invade her life and it was no struggle for it to take on a different look as this girl grew to be an adult.

You see, this girl is me.

For the last few years of my life fear hid deep within my heart in one of it's ugliest of forms. It's something we may know as "the fear of man". It's something that is awful good at hiding and I left it to grow in my heart for far too long because of that. I couldn't recognize it's deadliness or disastrous affects on my way of living.

Once recognized it disgusted me, but after leaving it to take over my life for so long, it had no plans of giving up easily. I tried and I tried to throw it away; tugged and pulled to remove it from its place. But try as I might it only grew larger, till one day I realized that this was a task so far beyond me.

It was only on the alter that I found the cure for this terrible epidemic. Through surrender and humility the victory was won! I came to the end of what I had become and realized that my life was to be lived for an audience of only One.

Once I allowed the King of all Kings to conquer this enemy that had been my close "friend" for so long, freedom became a reality in life. Yes, there are still times it tries to find it's way back in, but I'm not left to fight him back on my own.

This girl, once so full of fear and trembling, now stands bold and confident, able to speak truth in the face of evil and darkness. How is this possible? The answer is one simple word my friends and that's Jesus.

You see, God loves to take the weak things of this world to show forth His glory, and friends, that's the only reason there is any hope for me. I am so very weak when left on my own, but when God takes over suddenly there is strength and grace to accomplish tasks I'd never have dreamed of accomplishing just a few years back.

I am nothing without the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and I am not capable of anything without the power of the Almighty God. For some reason when He looked at that trembling little child years ago, He recognized a voice that could speak His words to this world, because He knew without a doubt that this world would have to recognize that it was His power that enabled it to speak bold and clear.

If you feel weak and have lived a life full of fear, there's hope for you my friend. Lay your all on the alter and open the door to a God who wants to use you as a powerful weapon in this world. He's able to save to the uttermost and no heart is to complex or dirty for His love to make pure.

When we turn our lives over into His hands He makes us stand Bold as Lions.


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