Seek the Person, Not the Plan

The will of God is an interesting thing. Sometimes it seems we view it as a great mystery that's always around the next corner. We seek it, pursue it like we feel we ought, and yet we're often left at the fork in the road still wondering where we're supposed to turn.

The strangest part of it all is that in His Word, God says that He loves to reveal Himself to us. He promises to give wisdom when we ask, He says to us "Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened."

If this is the God we serve than why are we so often left wondering and wandering through this life?

Perhaps we should consider what it is exactly that we are seeking. You see, It's not meant to be a what, but rather a whom. We were made to seek a person, not a plan. Jesus has scripted a beautiful tale for each of our lives, but it's best carried out when our eyes are locked on the person of Jesus Christ, not trying to find the next chapter of our story.

When we turn our focus on to His plan rather than His person we end up running to quickly through this life, passing by all of the beautiful moments that we were supposed to simply rest in. We miss out on the lessons He was trying so hard to teach us. We become restless, discontent and longing for more, simply because we have skipped past the beauty He has put in every step of the way.

I read a quote the other day that said it quite well-

"Events themselves, the seemingly insignificant happenings of every day, reveal the will of God."
-Elizabeth Elliot

So don't overlook the seemingly insignificant moments of your day today, friends. They may just be the very tool God uses to reveal the next step you are to take. There is great joy in learning to simply treasure the anticipation of what could be, rather than trying to discover what will be. Know that His ways are always, always higher than yours. His plan for your life will be sure to take you where you never would have gone, had He not been the one to guide you. 

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