The Cost

I should probably warn you ahead of time, this is going to be some straight up, real life, vulnerable honesty for ya'll. Life is difficult sometimes and somedays are just those run-to-your-bed-through-the-covers-over-your-head kind of days. Don't worry though, this is not a post without hope, because the best part is that even on those crazy, overwhelming days, there is still a God in Heaven, who sees my every worry, my every fear and my every anxiety and He stands ever ready to take them from me.

Let's start with this concept of living a life of faith. It's something I used to read about, something I used to dream about and something I was determined to have. I knew it meant sacrifices. I knew it meant trust. I knew it had a cost, but I knew it was worth it.

Fast forward a few years and I find myself in the midst of a story I never would have dreamed would be my own. The last few years have been full of crazy opportunities, difficult decisions and radical plans. Plans to change the world one step at a time, plans to know Jesus more than I knew possible, plans to live this life of faith.

I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but at some point in time, I took a step. I knew I had to do it, but yet everything in me wanted to run backwards. Try as I might to ignore it, I knew it had to happen in order to have this life I so craved. So, with eyes closed and fists clenched I took that step and it led me right off a cliff.

Now, I know that when I say off a cliff that doesn't exactly seem like a positive. Well, this one was. You see, I had a whole lot of junk that I needed to fall away from. I was living a life that looked good but deep down I ached for more and more I found when I left the edge of that cliff.

That jump brought me everything I dreamed, but just like I knew all along, it cost me everything I had. Many people look at my life and see the "more". They see the grand adventures the exciting opportunities. But the fact is, there is a cost for each of us.

I left behind everything comfortable. I left everything easy. I left a life of normalcy, stability and routine. I left the certainty of always having those I love the most around me. I left the pursuit of others approval. I left behind plans for the future and hopes of what my life could become.

There are some days when the cost seems overwhelming but each day I am reminded that the reward is even more so. Yes, there is a cost, but there is a cost to saying no to that step as well, a much greater cost and one that I'm not willing to pay, because even though I've had to surrender many things, I've not been alone for one step of the journey. I may have had to die to wants and desires but I have gained a closeness with Jesus that can't compare with anything this world has to offer.

We all have received an invitation to this life of faith. It looks different for every single one of us. For some it means leaving your home, for some it means giving up your pursuit of financial gain, for some it means letting go of worldly fame, but for all it means the death of yourself, it means to take up your cross, and yet for all it means a life of true satisfaction. Because though you leave all this world has to offer you gain heaven right here and now. The moment you take that step off the cliff you find that you've been caught by the one who will guide your every step.

For those who have already taken that step, keep on my friends! There is a race to be won so let us press on together for our King is more than worthy! He enables, He strengthens, He loves and He sustains. Don't let anything or anyone tell you otherwise.

His ways are hard friends, but His ways are worth it! Every. Single. Time.

There is much to give up, but don't make the giving up your focus but instead the treasure to be gained, for when you truly behold it there is nothing you will hold back in order to make it your own.


  1. Very true. Very deep. Very real and needed in this world. Especially today.

  2. Thank you Amanda for writting this. I needed to hear this today. It was much needed encouragement, and a good challenge/reminder that Jesus is more than worth any sacrifice I give...

  3. Thank you Amanda for writting this. I needed to hear this today. It was much needed encouragement, and a good challenge/reminder that Jesus is more than worth any sacrifice I give...