You Have it All

It's easy to think that Jesus is your everything until Jesus is the only thing you have. If you would have asked me a few weeks ago, where my security lied I would have quickly said, "In Jesus of course!" And yet, now that I find myself in a place where all normal is stripped away and familiar routine has disappeared the painful truth is that I turn to many things instead of my Jesus for comfort and it breaks my heart.  I have far to go in this all important lesson and yet I have a patient, gentle Savior that never gives up on me! What an astounding fact!

I often look around and think, oh if I could just have that, or if I could just be back there, then I would really feel comfortable again. But the truth of it is, He must be the only one I run to. There is no substitute.

We tend to try to convince ourselves that He is everything and yet all the while we're doubting. We almost expect to be a bit miserable and feel as if we'll just have to make Jesus be enough, as if He needs our help. God isn't interested in that sort of self-effort or lack of faith. He's after those who will let go of all else and grab ahold of His promises, trusting them as a true reality. Those who do, find them all together true and find an ever faithful God. 

Friends, do you realize what we are promised in Jesus? If your still not convinced of His promises allow your eyes to be opened to all of His glorious goodness! You see, one of those promises is that we will not lack any good thing; that we will have all we need for life and godliness! That means that right this minute, you have everything you could ever need.

Dwell on that for just a moment. If you are truly a child of God you are lacking nothing. You have it all.

Our Jesus never withholds anything we need. If you don't have it right now, well, you don't need it right now. When we cling to Him, He supplies our every need in His perfect timing.

Right now, I could wish for several things and think that they will make me happy. I could wish that I had more time in a week, I could wish that I was set up better finically, I could look to relationships, wish to know the next chapter in life or wish to be in another part of the world, and yet my God says that I will never lack. 

Do you realize that if you fully grasp this concept, you'll no longer live the same way? 

Once we grab ahold of this truth and live in the reality of it then it doesn't matter where He sends us, what He does through our lives or how He uses us for His glory! We will have the calm assurance through it all that He is still God and are never in want of anything.

Friends, whatever you are going through today, whatever areas you may think you are lacking in, hold on to this truth- Christ is everything you need. Today, you have it all! Are you willing to believe that? 


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