Embracing the New


Oh, where to even start....

Life is a crazy adventure when Jesus is in control. That, I thought I knew well, but here I am, learning it all over again.

Just a week ago while driving back from the airport where I had dropped off my brother and said goodbye to the last family member for awhile, I looked around at the beautiful mountains, the new cities I was passing through and the unfamiliar road signs and thought, "Amanda, what on earth are you doing here." Goodbyes were harder than I ever imagined and though I've preached often that God works best when we leave behind our comfort zones...My comfort zone had become rather beautiful to me.

Now lest you think I'm all doom and gloom let me assure you that it's quite the opposite. Obviously there is a level of discomfort when all the usual comforts are removed but there's so many beautiful treasures waiting on the other side as well.

There is one thing that makes all the difference to me at the moment and that is knowing I'm right where God wants me. If I didn't have that assurance life would be miserable. If I didn't have that rock to stand on I might just fall apart. But it's there, solid and sure. He's showed me in countless ways that this is a part of His plan for my life and that brings such a confidence amidst the change.

Another thing that I've been so thankful for is the fact that though I'm away from home, I'm living in a place that feels familiar and has been a second home to me over the last few years. God is so gracious in what He has given me. At the end of a day full of getting to know new people, driving to unfamiliar places and such it's such a beautiful thing to come back to a room that feels like a home and have a roommate that I know so very well. I am blessed!

My job has been off to a wonderful start! One of the homes I'm nannying at has an espresso maker that I am free to use and the other has an old Steinway piano that is just beautiful. I know those who know me well will be laughing at this. It's just another reminder of how much God loves me and knows how to remind me that He truly cares about even the littlest details of my life!

I've had many opportunities to talk with both families about why I'm here and the adventure of being led by Jesus! It's exciting to share with them!

The other night as I sat in orientation I was quickly reminded of why I'm here, what I'm after. It is all for Jesus and I know that He has so many incredible things in store for this season of life. This truly is a place of continuing to put into practice what I've known in my head and felt in my heart.

So to summarize, I'm about as far out of my comfort zone as I've ever been but I am praising Jesus for that very fact because It has brought me closer to the feet of my Jesus and He never leaves me lacking.

May we each press on to know Him more and seek His perfect will for our every day. There truly is no better place to be then in the center of His perfect will.


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