Take the Leap

Imagine that you are standing on the edge of a great mountain. You are looking out at the view and see that very near by there is another mountain peak. It's so close to you and yet between you and the other side lies a drop off so deep that it makes getting to the other side unthinkable.

Unthinkable to most, that is. There are a few who have dared, they've dared to take the leap. Yes, it is absurd. Yes it doesn't make sense. Why would you risk everything just to cross over to the other side? 

But you see, these few people have caught a glimpse of something glorious and they are so compelled that they can't help but try. Once they take that leap, once they leave the edge of their mountain, once they dare to try, they find that they are carried over to the other side with no effort on their part. They simply had to take the leap and something greater, the God of the universe, took over from that point forward.

What did they see that compelled them to risk so much? What was so glorious that they no longer were content to stay where they were? They caught a glimpse of true living.

The first mountain is the beginning of life with Jesus. It's not a bad place! It's a starting point, it's where we first hear the truth of the gospel. But you see, we weren't meant to stay on this mountain.

The second mountain is where you make the connection that you weren't made to just listen, you weren't made to just keep truth to yourself, you weren't made to just live a christian version of normal life! No, you were made for something so much greater, so much more extraordinary! But that drop off, that ravine is keeping nearly all of humanity from taking the leap. It takes a letting go so great that few are willing. 

You see, we have become experts of hearing truth. We do it well. We hear messages, encouragement from others and read books that challenge us, inspire us, and press us to be more. But more often than not it never moves past the hearing stage, and what does James 1 say about hearing only? It says that whoever is a hearer only is deceiving himself. He is made to believe that He is living it when really it's never made it's way from his head to his heart. This man feels spiritual and feels like he's doing right but it doesn't last. If we continue reading in James we see that a man who hears only is like someone who looks in a mirror and immediately forgets what he saw. 

Friends, we're experts at forgetting because we don't make the connection from hearing to doing. 

And what happens when we hear only? We continue on our journey, unchanged. We may have felt the emotion, we may have been inspired, we may have promised that we would be different, but unless we take what we've heard and allow it to change our daily lives, give up what needs to be removed and give in to a God who radically changes everything about us, unless we take the leap we will forget. 

Don't be one who forgets! Don't be a hearer only! Be one who hears and immediately allows what he has heard to change the way he lives today.

When you take that leap to the next mountain you will find yourself surrounded by the handful of people who are living lives that are unreal. Lives you never thought could be possible! Their lives are available to Jesus and He's using them to transform sinners into saints and ashes into beauty! 

And this, this is what we are made for. You were made for that second mountain, but first you must take the leap!

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