A Clear View

The gift of sight is quite amazing. If we were without it our lives would be very different. Just try walking across a messy, pitch black room and you'll find that out quickly. You'll stumble, you'll reach out for something to grab on to for guidance and eventually you'll trip and fall.

Did you know that sometimes we can have perfect vision and the brightest lights possible and yet still be lost in the dark, stumbling and tripping over things? I know, that doesn't make much sense, but what I'm referring to is a whole different "vision" and that would be our spiritual sight. 

You see, we have to know that God is trustworthy if we are going to truly trust Him! If we don't understand the grace He extends to us we will never be free of condemnation. How can we be Christlike if we don't even know who Christ is? If we are off on our view of His character we will be an inaccurate picture of Jesus to this world.

When we don't have the right view of our Jesus our world becomes a mess of chaos. Our view of God has to be clear. It has to be accurate in order for the Christian life to work and yet it is quite often that we have something blocking our view or causing a blur. 

It's so easy for us to have a clouded view of God. Sometimes our shame and guilt get in the way and we see Him as a harsh and distant God that wants nothing to do with us. At times our desire to overlook our own faults as well as others clouds our view of His holiness and we see Him as just a God of love that chooses to not care about our sin. We forget that He paid a high price for us to be free from sin because He is a Holy God that isn't capable of overlooking sin. It has to be legal and the price had to be paid.

Sometimes we see Him as a God full of anger with the sins of this world and thus, we justify ourselves when we are angry with others shortcomings and wrongs thinking God can't possibly love them or have grace for them, thus we certainly don't need to either.

Friends, we need to constantly, daily, hourly fix our gaze upon Jesus and let the truth of who He is seep into our hearts. We have to study His character and spend time getting to know Him. This is not a one time process but instead something that must happen often if we want to be like Him.

When we study the unchanging character of our God not only will we know Him more, but we will also know what kind of a person He longs for us to be. 

If we don't know of His unconditional love how can we love the unloveable?
If we don't know of His oceans of grace that never end how can we freely forgive those who are continually hurting us? 
If we don't know of His trustworthy character how can we claim His promises as true for our own lives? 
If we don't know of the victory He's won, how can we live a life of victory ourselves?
We must sit at the feet of Jesus each day, we must fix our eyes on our God and then we will be able to share with the world an accurate picture of our beautiful, loving Savior. 

Focus your gaze on Him today, friends. You'll never cease to be amazed and overwhelmed with all that He is!


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