Face to Face

It's another beautiful Monday. It's the start of a brand new week. The mistakes of last week are behind you and today you can start again fresh. If there was one thing I could encourage you in this week it would simply be this...

...Come face to face with Jesus today. 

Every day of our lives we have that choice to make. To some of us it seems dull, to some of us it's something we want to shove aside with the excuse that we just don't have the time.

Or, maybe you did make the right choice, you sat down, you read your "Proverb of the day" or your "3-minute Devotional" and then got up and hurried back to your to-do list, unchanged, unrefreshed and unchallenged.

You may wonder what it's all for, you may wonder whats the use. But if it's just another thing to check off your "list" then you're right, what is the use?

If you're coming to God's Word each morning without a desire to be changed, without seeing your desperate need for Jesus and His strength, knowing that it is the only way you can get to the end of your day and still be rejoicing, then you will never be changed.

If, on the other hand you come to His Word with an attitude of reverence, understanding that you are coming to the God of the universe who delights in spending time with you and longs to reveal to you His will for today, if that is the attitude of your heart then hold on because you're about to be transformed and grown more then you ever thought possible.

He longs to strengthen you. He longs to be your source of love, joy and peace for the day. But He can only do that if you allow Him into your day.

When you make that choice, when you invest that time, and when you come with an expectant and open heart, your life begins to make sense and your purpose here on earth takes shape before your eyes. You begin to see what this life is all about, and you begin to see God's heart for the people around you.

You see, It is much harder to wander from Him when you are in His presence each morning.

When you set yourself before a holy and just God you can't help but see your complete helplessness and it's impossible to think for a moment that you have no need of Him. When you look deep into His eyes each morning and see the love that He has for you and the traces of the pain that He endured for you, you can't help but be overwhelmed with love for Him in return. When you see in His eyes the tears and the pain over His lost sheep, how then, can you turn away and live a life of selfish pleasure? How can you shut yourself up and tune out the cries of those hurting and desperate?

It's through coming face to face with Jesus each morning that you will be changed from the inside out. You can not live off of a one time experience for the rest of your life and expect to thrive. It's through a daily habit of setting yourself before Jesus that you will live a life of abiding in Him.

Friends I encourage you to make the right choice today. Accept the invitation into His presence with a  heart of humility, knowing full well that you have a desperate need for more of Jesus in your life. There is no limit to ways that He will grow you and the ways that He will use a life submitted to Him.

"Get into the habit of saying, "Speak Lord," and life will become a romance." -Oswald Chambers


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