Behind the Titles

We love to analyze ourselves. We want to know more of who we are and what best describes us. Our Facebook feeds are full of quizzes and articles that attempt to help you better understand yourself.

Sure it's fun. It's like a little game that we play, but sometimes games can get us in trouble and this might just be one we've played a bit too much.

The title's seem harmless but when we've put a label on ourselves it often changes the way we live our life. Sometimes that's not a negative thing, but it means we better be careful what titles we're giving and how we're letting them change the person we are.

When we're caught up in analyzing every pain we feel or every thought we think it causes us to put a focus on us instead of Him. It often distracts us from the important things in life. We can quickly turn into people living selfish lives instead of lives spent for the Kingdoms cause.

Lately one of the issues we've narrowed our focus on is whether you really are an introvert after all and the struggles you may face in life because of this "title". It's not a bad thing to begin with. After all, we are all different and have different personality's. But it slowly can become an excuse if we aren't careful. We begin to say no to opportunity's because after all we're an introvert and can't communicate in the same way others can. We can't reach out to those people because it just doesn't come natural.

What this can turn into if we aren't watchful is limiting God. When we say that something is too difficult for us, we are saying that God isn't strong enough. When we say that something is too intimidating for us, we are saying that God isn't big enough to lead us through. We have the creator of the world on our side, friends. He isn't limited to the title of "introvert". He will use you regardless, the question is, will you let Him?

Don't allow yourself to make excuses, don't justify yourself in going half way. God needs His children to rise up and be willing to follow when it's hard. He needs people that can leave themselves behind and go where workers are needed. You may be led through a fire, you may be led through oceans over your head. One thing is for sure, you will always be led where you don't feel comfortable.

You see, we must see beyond what we bring to the table. If God has truly changed us and taken control of our lives He offers you everything you need for life and godliness! We don't live on our own anymore and that means we don't face challenges on our own either.  There's no limit to His power, there's no limit to His strength.

It's when we are weak that He shows Himself strong to the world and that means He will use you in your weakness. Don't limit Him. Don't hold back. Don't hide in the back because it's what comes natural to you or an article says it's okay. God can transform and change you. Simply let Him.


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