A Life that Counts

There is something so breath-takingly beautiful about being a part of the work of Christ. Just think about it. We, who were dead in our sins, who are flawed in so many ways and in need of His grace every day of our lives, have been invited into the Kingdoms work.

The crazy part of it is that well, He really doesn't have to use us. We don't like to think of it that way, but it's the truth and there's no changing it. He has all power and control over every living thing. He can move mountains, change hearts, raise the dead to life. Do you really think a God like that is in need of any assistance?

But, although that's often the part we don't like to dwell on,  if we skip over that, we're skipping over the most beautiful aspect of it all! You see, even though we are flawed and imperfect human beings apart from His grace, He invites us into the most glorious story ever told. He invites us to join in on the most incredible adventure of all time. And it's simply because He loves us. Even though He doesn't have to, He wants to use you!

The sad part in all of this is, well, that at times we don't respond to this invitation.

The reasons we often say no, or simply ignore this beautiful call on our lives are that...

...we're worried about what others think. Yes it all looks grand and wonderful, until God calls us to go up and speak with that person you know is hurting or asks us to share the gospel with someone you really aren't sure even wants to hear it. We don't want to loose our reputation, after all. Then people will really think we're crazy and what kind of influence can a lunatic have on society anyway?

Can I share something that God's in the midst of teaching me right now? The truth of it all is that, quite often when we show boldness and speak what we are busy trying to deny God wants us to say, people respond. Deep down there's a good majority of this world that wants to see Christians being Christians. Your timid faith is empty to them. They want to see us taking a stand and they want to see us making an impact. Now, this isn't everyone on the planet. There are still those who really want nothing to do with it. But thats when you must simply obey and trust God for the result. We can't see the impact our words and lives truly have on hearts and how He will use it later on in people's lives. Trust Him to do the work, you just obey. 

...we don't feel qualified. We can come up with a whole list of reasons why another person would be better for the job. We can tell God all of our shortcomings and weaknesses in hopes that He will change His mind. But friends, He already was more aware of your weaknesses than you were, when He called you to do it in the first place. He knows our lack, and thats why He doesn't send us alone.  Trust Him to give you the strength. He doesn't call those who are able, He calls those who will give Him the glory. There's nothing more beautiful than seeing Christ speak through us when we simply make ourselves available to Him.

...we simply don't care. This is the saddest of them all, but unfortunately we've all experienced it at some point in our lives. We know in fact that there is a great need, but often we are so busy in our little lives, running here and there that we forget to care. We tune out the call, the needs and the lives. We get caught up in our own cares, our own worries or our own fun that we disconnect ourselves from the work He created us to do. We become numb to His call and the needs of this world. Oh friends, don't let this be you! Don't allow your heart to forget for one moment the lost souls around you and the hurting hearts you can touch! God created you for this purpose, don't waste your life away on the things that don't last. Make an impact for eternity for someday you'll see that it's the only thing that will count from this life that you lived. 

When you allow God to take over your life, when you allow Him into every aspect, you will begin to see that this is true living.

We each have a sphere of influence. It starts out small for each of us, but if we are faithful in little He will entrust us with much. Keep pouring out, keep being obedient and watch God work wonders. It's never to late to join in to the work that He's doing. Simply start asking for opportunities.

Watching the gospel transform a life before your very eyes is more beautiful than anything this world is capable of giving us!

"Get into the habit of saying, 'Speak, Lord,' and life will become a romance." 
- Oswald Chambers


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