Where is Your Focus?

Most of us are very familiar with the old hymn I Surrender All. It has always been a favorite of mine. Each time I sing it it challenges me and gives me a fresh oppertunity to lay situations, hurts or dreams at His feet. But, there is one word in that hymn I find particularly hard to sing. The first verse starts-

"All to Jesus, I surrender, all to Him I freely give."

The word I stumble over each time is freely.

Am I freely giving of myself to Jesus? What does it mean to freely surrender? 

Surrender is such a difficult thing for us, when we can't see what will come of it and it feels like we're simply giving everything up. It's often full of tears and pain and can be quite a process when what we are surrendering is something we just can't imaging living without. 

So, why does the writer of this great hymn use the word freely? To give freely means without restraint or reservation. Wouldn't it be beautiful if we gave to God in that way? But, is that even possible? 

It isn't possible that is, apart from God. We often think that surrender is something we have to do on our own. Yes, it's true we have to be willing, but surrender at that level is only possible by His amazing grace and work in our lives. And His grace is an unending ocean so yes, there is grace enough to surrender, even to give freely back to God!  

When we call on Him for help He will never refuse us. So friends, call on Him when you feel it is beyond you even to surrender. He won't deny your request or leave you on your own. It is His delight to intervene in your life and draw you closer. 

There is another song I've learned more recently and it starts with this-

"Gladly would I leave behind me, all the pleasure I have known, to pursue surpassing treasure at the throne of God above."

Gladly?!? Now that seems even more impossible than freely! The end of that line, though, holds the key to all surrender. "Surpassing treasure". When we keep our eyes on the treasure, our beautiful Savior. That is when we can freely and gladly surrender, because we see that what we are giving up really is nothing compared to all of the treasure we have in Christ!

Don't focus on the surrender, focus on the treasure. Our Jesus that loves us infinitely more than we can imagine and is worthy of every detail of our lives!

To live in a constant state of surrendering freely means, that if God were to ask for any area of your life, at any time, you would hand it to Him without a moments hesitation.  It means loosening our hold on the things of this life so that He can do with us what He desires and accomplish His beautiful, perfect plan.

May that be the goal before our eyes in this area called surrender. 


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