The Choices We Make

We face many choices in life; big ones or little ones, life changing ones or everyday ordinary ones, and friend, today is no different. Today we have choices to make, and though some may seem small, they are important. Some may feel trivial but those little choices have the power to change today.

Today is full of opportunities for beauty and joy, but we must be intentional about it. Making today beautiful will not just happen naturally and a beautiful day doesn't mean everything has to be perfect, it simply means that you have chosen to see the joy in it all.

Today we must choose.... Care. Every day in your life you will come in to contact with people-whether it's your family, friends or perfect strangers. It's easy for us to take people for granted and it's easy for us to forget that they have feelings, they have hurts, they have a life. Today, choose to care for every person you come into contact with. Don't just tell them about your day or your stories but instead ask them about their own lives and then, just listen. That is one of the biggest ways that we can preach Christ to a world in need; by simply caring for His people. tune out distractions. Yes there is a to-do list, yes there are jobs to accomplish, but keep your focus on those tasks that need to be done and then...enjoy living! Don't allow yourself to get distracted from the things that truly matter. Whether it's your iPhone, laptop or projects that don't really have to be done right this minute. Look at the people around you and invest. Make an impact. Constantly ask yourself if you are making the best use of your time at the moment. Take advantage of opportunities to chat with younger siblings, or just be silly with the little kiddos in your life. You'll remember that far more than the five minutes, mindlessly reading through your Facebook newsfeed. be joyful. Life is full of difficult relationships and yucky messes. Don't base your joy and happiness off of life's tough situations or the way your feeling today. If you do it will be a never ending roller coaster that will leave you empty and lost in the end. Instead base your joy off of your beautiful King that remains the same yesterday, today and forever! Continually meditate on what He has done for you and all that He gives and there will be no end to your joy because there's no end to His goodness! Chose music that "tune's your heart to sing His praise" each day and live in a constant state of joy and peace, no matter what's happening around you! be an encourager. Our words have so much power. Once something is said it can never be taken back. Be an encourager to those around you. Don't let yourself say whatever you feel like saying or share that story at another's expense. Constantly examine the words you speak and weather they are necessary, loving and point those around you to Christ. We can either tear down or build up with our words, the choice is ours. I'd rather say less and have no regrets than to say too much and spend the rest of my life trying to undo the damage.

Once, I was encouraged to go into every day thinking "Today could be the best day of my life," and it has completely changed my perspective. I know it's Monday and that can leave a bit of a bad taste in some people's mouths but choose differently today. We often go into our day with our minds already made up that it's going to be just awful. Don't allow yourself to fall into that trap. You have no idea what may happen in your day, but you have a choice in how you can respond to each situation and that will make all the difference!

Make the right choice friends and you never might just be the best day of your life!

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