Working through Weakness

Right now, I am overwhelmed. There's no other way to describe this time in life other than completely and utterly overwhelmed. I'm overwhelmed by God's goodness, I'm overwhelmed by the seemingly millions of things He's teaching me each day. I'm overwhelmed by the opportunity's I have all around me to see the ways He's working in others lives, and I'm overwhelmed by where He's taking me, not just physically but spiritually as well.

You see, I've always been that little girl that's terrified of the dark, has a list of phobias and couldn't even go down in the basement by myself without having a major panic attack. I've always been the person that stays in her comfort zone which means far, far away from things such as danger and anything that has even the littlest taste of adventure.

Now, with that in mind, it makes absolutely no sense that God would give that little, fearful girl opportunity's to travel over 20 hours across the world by herself, visit remote islands, and do street evangelism in foreign country's.

Here's some ugly, raw honesty for you, though. Just talking about these exciting adventures in my life is a tremendous bait for pride. I mean, things like street evangelism and flying to little villages sounds so brave and spiritual, doesn't it?

I struggle with pride and it disgusts me, because when I remind myself of what I am without Jesus it leaves not a speck of room left for arrogance. You see, without Jesus I am still that rebellious and selfish girl from five years ago. I'm still that girl chasing after the world, wishing I could do everything those people did and longing to "fit in" and be "normal".

The truth is, without Jesus I am nothing, but with Jesus I have everything.

With Jesus, I'm able to consider things I never would have considered, and with Him I can go places I never would have been able to go.

I often wonder why God would choose to send me or how He could even use a sinful, and weak girl like me. He's shown me why, though, and it's an answer that strips every last bit of pride away. It's because I am weak that He chooses to use me. It's because it is impossible for me to do anything of worth on my own that He sends me. Because when the world sees a girl like fearful, little me doing anything brave or significant they can't help but be pointed to the strong God behind her making it all possible. They know they are seeing the impossible happen.

So friends, don't put limits on what God can do with your life. Don't think that you aren't brave enough, you aren't strong enough or you aren't good enough because you never will be, but that's not the kind of person God is looking for anyway. Those issues do not hold Him back from using you. The only thing that keeps Him from using you're life, is your unwillingness and fear.

If you aren't available to Him you'll never know what kind of adventures He want's to take you on and what kind of opportunity's of ministry He wants to use you in. You'll miss out on the incredible beauty of seeing lives being transformed by His saving grace and that incredible feeling, like you're heart just might burst from all of the excitement of seeing everyday miracles happen all around you.

He might take you across the world or they may keep you in the same little town all of your life. But the needs are everywhere, so don't waste your life away by feeling incapable and helpless. God uses the simple things of this world to prove His glory and power.

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