Leaving the Beauty Behind

We are a generation that appreciates beauty. We love creating things and using our different talents whether it's through music, photos, crafts, and who knows what else. We love having an Instagram full of artistic pictures or our very own Etsy shop. Yes, even starting my own blog has made me realize just how many people there are that make up the "blogging world" and are sharing their love for writing.

To be able to appreciate beauty is an extraordinary gift. There are so many ways that God can use the different gifts and talents He gives us and when we are doing it for His glory it can be such a reflection of His goodness.

But there is a danger in it all as well, and that is when we start to turn our focus on having a Pinterest perfect home, the cutest shop on the block or children in flawless clothing. We place these things too high on our priority list and suddenly we've lost our focus and although we're living beautiful lives...they've been stripped of their meaning and significance. 

Making a beautiful home is important and having your kids well dressed is not something I would discourage but don't let yourself get so wrapped up in these trivial little things that you start to poor all of your energy into maintaining them instead of living the life of a true follower of Christ.

You see, we weren't made to stay in the beautiful. We weren't given life to spend it on making our lives look perfect. We were created to be the light in the darkness and the beauty in the ugly. We were never meant to stay in the comfortable, friends, we were made to go where no one else wants to go. We were made to live lives for the cross no matter how unlovely of a place it brings us too. Perhaps in a far away country with a culture so different from what you know. Perhaps it's in a part of town that no one else wants to go. Perhaps to that person that no one else wants to reach. This is the life we are called to live.

Friends, just a few days ago 21 Egyptian Christians were beheaded for their faith. I don't think there was one bit of beauty there in that place, at that time. In fact that's about as ugly as it can get. And yet, through the ugliest of situations they were the light; they were the beauty of Christ in the midst of terrible sin and darkness.  That, is what we are called to. No, you may not loose your life, and yet it isn't unthinkable, but the true question is, will you still follow when the way gets dark? Will you obey, even unto death? It starts by simply saying yes to God and His purposes each and every day.

After all, what do Instagram gallery's, Pinterest boards and perfect houses matter when it comes down to that? There is only one thing that will matter in the end. It's what you did for the spreading of the gospel and how you showed Christ through your life. And yes part of that is in creating a beautiful atmosphere in your home, having an Etsy shop that proclaims Him or writing music for His praise, but lets not become so fond of beauty that we aren't able to leave it behind when He calls us to.

And lest you think you are disqualified let me ask a few questions...

You may not be able to go, but can you pray? Prayer is how we fight. Prayer is what breaks the prisoners chains and brings light into the darkest of souls.

You may have little children and your time and energy is completely absorbed in taking care of them, but can you not purpose to instill in them a heart for the lost and the dying? The best gift you can give them are eyes to see beyond their own little lives and a heart that cares for the hurting in this world.

You may have a job that is full of commitments and takes much of your time, but can you not see the people right in your midst that are in desperate need of the hope of the gospel? There are opportunities no matter where you are. Pray for eyes to see them!

Friends, let's not live, shut up in our comfortable worlds, far from the cry's of the lost. Let's not hide from the darkness of this world, but instead, seek to be the beauty of Christ in a world full of ugly sin. That is our purpose. That is why we are here on this earth.


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