What is Your Ministry?

It's a quiet night in the cafe. The sky outside has turned dark and people are rushing home to get out of the bitter cold. At the corner table two girls are talking with mugs of steaming coffee in hand. At first glance it doesn't appear to be anything unusual, however if you watch a moment longer you'll notice something fascinating happening at that table. You'll see that one of the girls is talking excitedly about Jesus. The younger girl, sitting on the other side of the table is completely captivated by what her friend has to say. There's a look of hunger in her eyes and you can see that she is clinging to every word of truth this girl is sharing with her.

This is ministry.

Ministry is not something only a select few are called to. It's something each person who claims to be a follower of Christ was made for. 

We are ministers of the gospel, ambassadors for Christ. You don't have to travel across the ocean or get a degree in theology to be qualified but simply to sit at the feet of Jesus and share with the world what you see. It's not something we do out of our own head knowledge and strength but out of His spirit living inside of us. 

He equips us for the ministry He calls us to.

Our areas of ministry all look quite different....

There's the young nurse with joy radiating from her eyes that decided to give a Bible to every Child in her unit at the hospital and not just any Bible, mind you but the most beautiful one she could find so that "they can't help but open it up".

It's the young man with a passion for Jesus that disciples a man, though he is older than him because this man just made the choice to be a follower of Christ. He's just a child in His faith,  and needs counsel and guidance. He needs someone to show him the next step.

It's the young mom showing Christs love to her often demanding little kiddos and going beyond simply taking care of their physical needs and having a burden for their little souls and sharing His gospel with them each day.

It's the men and women who dare to say no to the worlds way and demonstrate that there is a higher way of living.

We need men and women, young and old, that are living intentionally. That are seeking God's desires for their lives and not their own. Men who care more about the needs of those around them than their own reputation. Women who are building up those around them with words of love and encouragement rather than tearing them down with sharp words of anger and gossip.

The opportunities are endless and the need is great. What are we doing each day to be ambassadors of Christ? We all have people in our lives that are in need of encouragement, people in need of Christ's love. How can we show them today? It's often the little things God chooses to work through and use to show His love to others.

Let's not live wasted lives. Let's not let opportunities fly right by. Let's not spend our days focused on our own pursuits. We all have a ministry but not all of us choose to see it.

Each of us are ministers of His grace, of His beautiful gospel and there is no work more beautiful than Christs work. There is no greater joy then being about the Fathers business.

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