To See Beyond

I often wonder if one day in Heaven we will look back on this life and see something like a dark fog hovering over this world. From our view here on earth it doesn't resemble a fog in the least bit. It's hanging around us each day but we struggle to see it for what it truly is. You see,  it appears far more like a sharp word from a friend, our own confused feelings and emotions. It shows itself in many different ways and forms, to-do lists, appointments, battles with people deep down you know you love immensely, people that are hurting. The fog is anything but subtle, for it tries desperately to pull at you and scream for your attention. It magnifies our daily struggles to make us think they're life or death matters. It clouds things that matter most by filling our eyes with only the distractions. But what would we see if we were to get a peak above the fog? What is that faded, clouded place beyond? We know deep down that it's where our eyes were meant to be fixed, but the fog all around convinces us that it's impossible until we clear away this one situation.

You see that faded place up above, that place you just can't quite see, that's eternity. And after all since our lives aren't so very long on this place down below, and we say many times over that that's our true home, why is that not what our hearts our fixed on? Why do we get so caught up in the fog? Why do we allow it to pull us away? Let me tell you one big reason, that I have found in my own life and I suspect it might be the same for you as well. It's because we are convinced that eternity is too far for our eyes to reach. It isn't reality for daily life. The issues around us have been magnified so greatly that we see them as what we need to focus on rather than our King.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying these issues are completely insignificant. There are times when what we face can be something that must be dealt with. After all we can't simply ignore it! But when we make those issues our focus, when we get caught up in them until they consume us, when we start to see the other person as our enemy and turn our attacks against them, well, we are in for a long difficult road that could have been avoided. If we, instead of focusing on these issues around us, made Jesus our true focus and lived each day like Heaven's home, we would see these issues all quite different, I can promise you that. We would see that other person the way Christ would see them, often as someone lost and broken, we would see the true enemy we are fighting and the way to overcome Him. Our to-do lists would look quite different since our priority would be the work that lasts through eternity. We would search for divine appointments, ways to bless and make an impact while running about our busy schedules.

My heart is so distracted at times, so desperately selfish and wicked. I long to have His heart instead. I want to have His view, my own is full of my own worries and cares, His can see beyond harsh words to the heart thats lost and empty, the person hungry for a God they know so little about. His sees the children that are vulnerable and desperately in need of His love.

Oh, may we not be among those lost in the fog, fighting "as one who beats the air". May our goal not be our own triumph but His triumph alone. May our focus not be our own struggles and cares but instead eternity and our Jesus. He knows best how we ought to handle these difficulties and when we abide we succeed in the eyes of Heaven. The fog will pull and fight for our attention but the fog can not reach someone who's heart is lost in His. He longs to enable us to see through His eyes if we'd just stop struggling and simply come to Him and ask.

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