Beauty in Every Chapter

We love to dream about our lives. Where God will take us and what He will do through us. We all have different gifts and strengths, each of which was given to us by God for a purpose. We long to know what that purpose is. We try to imagine what it could be and we all have our own opinions on what it should look like. After all, wouldn't God be glorified if we did this, or wouldn't doing that be an incredible way to proclaim the gospel. Of course it's not wrong to dream but we must be careful not to get an idea too stuck in our head, because sometimes God's dreams look quite different from our own and if we have too clear of a picture fixed in our minds we may not recognize His dreams when they come. We may just rule them out as something "God has not called me to do" when really it's quite exactly what He made you to do. After all, don't you think the One who sees the whole picture knows best where you fit in?

Although we hate to admit it and it sounds just plain awful, the thoughts such as "but that isn't grand enough", "That's too hidden, no one will see me" often fill up our heads. You see, we want to please God but we want the world to have a front row seat. After all, if there aren't any witnesses isn't it all just a waste? We don't want to do anything that that we feel we are overqualified for and the thought of living an ordinary life? Well, that can't be godly at all!

The truth of the matter is that when we gave up that pen to our story, all desires of our own, we let go of it completely and it's not to be taken back. We each have times in our lives when we wonder if maybe God has forgotten about  our story or He might have misplaced that particular pen, perhaps someone stole it and is instead writing for our ruin. After all, God wouldn't write such a story as this! Things like working an average, ordinary job, pouring out your life for someone who can't even appreciate it, laying down dreams of ever having a ring, spending your life hidden in some isolated village, staying at home as a mommy instead of pursuing some great career.  These things can seem dismal and like crosses to bear, but my friends, you'll soon find that these very things can be the most beautiful displays of Christ when they are done well.

It all depends on our goals in life. If we're seeking our own greatness and to be noticed by those around us then yes, these things will be dismal in deed. But, my dear friends, if we are seeking His greatness and his name to be known, these things can become our greatest acts of worship. If we have him as our focus we'll soon find that in every chapter He writes, no matter how undesirable it may first appear, there is beauty to be found and treasures waiting to be discovered.

With that being said, my friends, don't lose heart. Although you may be in a place you never thought you'd find yourself, a place you never would have chosen, God never makes mistakes and there's always a reason. He does only wondrous things and you're story is no exception. And may I just say, if  you ever find yourself making excuses and thinking thoughts such as "God wouldn't call me to do that," well you had better just do it because it's quite possible that He has. And it may be that you are saying no to His grandest adventure yet!

The beauty and joy you are craving is often quite nearer than you think. The question is, are you looking for it in the right places? For it can often tend to hide in the places we'd never look.

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