Oh Darling, Let's be More than Adventurers!

Oh, to be adventurers! How exciting that sounds! To travel the world together and see the beauty it has to offer. To explore the unknown and to go where few have been, now that would be thrilling. Can you even imagine?

As someone who would rather save my money for plane tickets than go shopping, feels quite at home in an airport and could probably recite the stewardess' emergency instructions word for word, it can be easy for me to get wrapped up in the travel, in the adventure.

In the world we live in today, that is often the goal. We are seeking to explore and longing to travel. We find fulfillment in the places we've seen, the trips we have taken. We love the thrill of it all and the excitement it brings. However, the excitement and thrill quickly fade away and we are left wanting more when it's all done and seeking what could be next.

 Adventures are beautiful and it is not wrong to desire them. In fact, our lives are often full of them. But perhaps, after all, they were never meant to be sought. Perhaps instead, we were created to seek only one thing and that is our Creator. We tend to focus quite a lot on His creation. After all, it is truly amazing and to think that He created it for us to enjoy! That is fascinating! But lets not get so lost in the wonder of creation that we forget the Creator. And although it is truly a privileged to see the things He has made, to travel to far away places, the adventures would be nothing without Him leading the way. The traveling would be empty if His gospel was not the focus. 

The world has taken something that was created to be beautiful and emptied it of it's splendor by making it about ourselves. We seek only our own pleasure instead of His glory. We desire to be famous for our adventures instead of living for His praise alone. 

So darling let’s seek not a life of adventures, for if Christ is the author of our tale we will certainly have no end of them. Instead let us seek to live for the Kingdom's cause, to serve this broken world together, letting go of ourselves and pouring out our lives for the benefit of others. Let’s seek to let God lead us where He wants us to be and find the joys and the beauty no matter where in the world that is. Let’s seek to be devoted in prayer, fighting battles on our knees to see this world the way it ought to be. Let’s seek to be students of His word, holding on to His promises and standing for truth no matter what the cost. May we not be known by the places we've seen and the things we've done but instead by our passion for Jesus and the things He accomplishes through us. 

The adventures will come and oh, they’ll be wonderful, but our eyes must not be set on the adventure for that is not the prize to be won. The prize we are striving for is Jesus Himself. The adventures are simply the road He leads us on. We don't live for the journey but instead, the destination. We were created for another place and darling let me tell you, if you think this world is captivating just wait until we see Heaven! 

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