In the Stillness of the Morning

As many of you may know, I am a morning person. It's my favorite part of the day. The peace and quiet, the beauty starting off a new day and yes....the coffee too. I simply love it!

I must mention though, that this has not always been the case. I used to dread rising early and each morning was a war with my alarm clock. The fact that I could become a morning person is simply a testimony of God's grace and proves that there is hope for everyone!

The reason that I get up each morning is so that I can spend time in God's Word. After all, how are we to grow as Christians if we are not being fed each day? Just as we need food to keep up our strength and stay healthy physically in the same way we need to be feeding ourselves spiritually each day or else we will whither away and die. It's that simple. Personally, if I don't do this in the morning it rarely will get done. Once my day is started there is always something to do or something going on and it just doesn't happen. I also do think there is something wonderful about starting out each day, before interacting with anyone else, with just you and Jesus.

Of course the important thing is that you are reading the Bible and having prayer time not what time of day you are doing it, but it is often in the stillness of the morning when God strengthens us for the day ahead and gives us the grace we need to live for Him. It is often in the stillness of the morning when God quiets the fears and anxiety in our hearts and floods us with His peace instead. It is often in the stillness of the morning when God reveals the joy we are able to have in times of waiting and the delight it is to live for His glory. It is often in the stillness of the morning when God gives us His burdens for this lost and dying world or when He sheds His light on that next step we are to take in His will.

There is nothing quite like watching one of His exquisite sunrises, seeing how each one is just a little different and remembering what an incredible artist He is. God created mornings full of peace and stillness, perhaps that was with spending time with us in mind. I heard someone say once that God loves us so much that each morning He simply can not wait for us to get up so that He can spend time with us. He delights in knowing us and showing us more of who He is. How much excitement do we have in spending time with Him? The creator of the world, the King of Kings the one who left His beautiful throne and gave His very life that we may be set free now wants to spend time with us, teaching and training us, showing how much he cares for us. How many times do we say no to that invitation? How many times do we pass up that opportunity? Is there anything else in our day that could be better or more important than that?

As I said earlier, the most important thing is to be spending time with Jesus not what time of day you are doing it. I'm not a mommy of little kiddos that get up several times a night, I don't work late night shifts so I have no reason not to get up early. Our salvation does not rest in what time we get up each morning or how many hours we spend in prayer. That all is absolutely nothing if we are doing it out of pride or simply so we can check it off of our list of things to do. It is something we are to do out of love for our King and the more we get to know Him the more we realize that we can't help but spend time with Him. He is so incredible! Knowing Christ is an endless pursuit. There is so much yet to discover, so much more to know about who He is. What a shame it would be to miss that just for an hour more of sleep or because there is some chore that needs to be done, some place we need to be.

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