To Love Christ

 "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might."
Deuteronomy 6:5

God brought this verse to mind a few days ago and it got me thinking about what that kind of love would look like in my life. I did some studying for myself and decided to share what I found in hopes that it may be an encouragement to someone out there.

In Mathew 22 Jesus refers to this as the greatest commandment. I think that means that it's pretty important to Him and we need to pay attention to it. 

First off here is the definition of Love...

 To welcome, to entertain, to be fond of, to love dearly.
Another definition was:
 To always have in mind, consider and Cherish. To have great affection for and love dearly.

Now lets look at the word Heart

I love looking up the real definitions of words even when it may seem obvious because you never know what you might discover and it always brings so much more depth and clarity. 

This is a summary of what I found when I looked up the word heart:

 The center of all physical and Spiritual life. mind (desires and affections), understanding, intelligence and emotions.

So in other words to love the Lord with all of our heart means to love Him with the very center of our being. It means that every thought we think is anchored in our love for Him, every desire we have is an outflow of our love for Him. It means that our understanding and reasoning is based off of our love for Him. He is our central focus.

Now looking at the word Soul.

The definition I found......

The breathing substance or being, seat of the appetites, seat of emotions and passions, activity of mind, activity of the will, activity of the character.

His love should flow out of our character, our emotions and passions. Christs love is to be the very air we breath each day. With every breath we are to show Him our love and our adoration. 

Next is the word Might.

The definition is:

Force, physical strength, power and ability, exceedingly much. 

I loved studying this word. This is the practical part. The every day, every moment, every hour part. It is so important to show our love for Christ in spending time in His presence, studying and in prayer but we also must live it out in the way we treat others each day. We are to serve those He has placed in our lives, to follow in His example by taking the lowest place and being willing to wash their feet. 

This was challenging for me. I admit that this is such a weakness of mine and one that God has been revealing to me lately, but thankfully He doesn't just leave me there but patiently works in me to shape me more into His image. He is so good! I find it so easy to talk about my love for Jesus but to show it practically by serving and taking the lowest place is hard. God has been teaching me lately that the secret to living this kind of life, showing Christs love in each moment, comes through abiding. I like to work at something on my own. I try and try and try in my own strength and then get discouraged when I fail once again. But when I step out of the way and allow Him to flow through me suddenly everything works. When we are abiding in Christ and allowing Him to work in us instead of just asking for His help loving Him in this way is simply the natural response to the love He has for us. When we are resting in Him, that is when this kind of love is possible. Not in ourselves but only in Him. 

Oh, how I want to live this way. To always have my mind fixed on Christ, to have each desire and emotion flowing out of my love for Him. I want each thought to be pleasing to Him and each word I speak to bring Him praise. I desire to always have His humility and live a life of serving those He places in my life. Oh, that the His love would be my very life! That each moment would be spent abiding in Him and allowing Him to flow through me and show this kind of love!

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