Thinking too Deeply

I am a deep thinker. That's not always a bad thing but lately it has been a bad thing. I've begun to realize the problem with analyzing every thought and feeling. 

In the last few months God has been showing me what it means to not live based off of my emotions and feelings which has really impacted my life. It is a never ending process of growing though and He is patiently teaching me more and more. My mind can really go and for some reason I will always feel the need to try and figure out how exactly I'm feeling right now, pin point what I'm struggling with at the moment and put into words what my emotions are. There's one big problem with this. It's all about me! When my thoughts are all about me guess what my actions show. Selfishness and self pity. The fact is it does not matter how I'm feeling or what i think about life at the moment. Gods will for my life doesn't change with my feelings and Gods desire for me is not to be wallowing in my self pity. He has set me free from that! My mind is to be filled with Him. He is what I'm living for, not myself. I'm so thankful that His character doesn't change. He is faithful and my source of strength no matter what's going on in my life. Because of that I can have joy and peace knowing that He is in control no matter what the circumstances of my day are. Thank you Jesus!!

When I am struggling the best thing I can do is to turn outward and serve those around me. When I'm focused on others it keeps my eyes off of myself and on Jesus and then suddenly my problems don't seem so awful. 

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