The Romance in Life

First off I must say this post was inspired by a chapter I read in a book quite a few months ago.  It really impacted me and I've been thinking about it ever since. The book is The Lost Art of True Beauty by Leslie Ludy. One of my all time favorite books! If you haven't read it I would highly recommend getting a copy!
We live in a world that is convenient. Camera's, movies and all your friends, family and acquaintances are just a touch away from you at all times. It's great right? You're so connected with everybody! All you have to do is push a couple of buttons and you can even talk to them face to face!  But in all of this connection maybe we've lost something. We share everything we do these days; whether its what we did that day, who we're with or what we ate for Lunch. We're so busy sharing though that we're forgetting how to really live! Each time we meet with a friend we have to make sure we get a picture on Facebook right away to make sure people know we're meeting. If we're having a fun time outside we have to pause and send a picture to Instagram to prove it. We're so busy sharing about our wonderful day that we forget to really live it! We're so "connected" to our friends that we don't know how to spend quality time with one another any more. There is a much more beautiful way to live. It begins when we start finding the romance in life! No. I'm not talking about a life full of love letters and roses.
"Contrary to popular opinion, romance ins not a relationship-
although it can add fullness and spice and excitement to a
connection between two people. Romance is not heart and 
flowers and violins, although an evening of hearts and flowers
and strings can be soaringly romantic. Romance is instead 
an attitude, a set of habits, a way of encountering the world.
You are a romantic when savoring experience is a priority 
for you, when you are willing to invest time and energy
into making your experiences more vivid and memorable."
~Thomas Kinkade~
Every once in awhile you meet someone who is living this way. Someone who is savoring their life and making it memorable. I'm not talking about someone who is living a self-focused pleasure seeking life! I'm talking about someone who is filled with God's joy and love and lives to be poured out for other. You'll know them right away by their warm smile and joyful attitude! They are the people who will invest in other peoples lives and when talking to them they will show you that they really care about you. Living a romantic life means that when taking your kids to the park you run around playing with them instead of talking on the phone while watching them out of the corner of your eye. It means slowing down sometimes and just thanking God that you are alive and able to enjoy His awesomely amazing creation! It means reading a book or playing a game with your little sibling instead of turning on a movie so you can have some alone time. It means making supper extra special and making the table look nice so that everyone can enjoy some time together at the end of the day instead of making something quick and serving it on paper plates every night. Of course pictures are a wonderful thing! And you can make some beautiful scrapbooks to help you remember these special moments more clearly. But I'd have to say that in my opinion we've gone way overboard on the amount of picture posting and sharing we do on the internet. If you totaled up how much time you spent on your phone, Ipod and computer how much would it be? Think of how much we could be doing instead of wasting our time in this way? Thinking of how many precious moments we're missing out on because of all of this wasted time. Now I am just as guilty as anyone else in this area. I've been convicted on it for quite sometime and have to admit I've done nothing about it as of yet. But I'm planning on changing that. For me my Ipod is my biggest distraction. I just "quick" check my email or Facebook and end up sitting on it for longer then I would want to admit! But I'm planning on changing that starting today because even though it's hard to cut out I enjoy life so much more when I'm outside playing with kids, reading a good book or playing a game with siblings. I'm sharing this for accountability reasons not to try and make you all feel guilty. But I would encourage you to pause and think about your life right now? Are you living a memorable and beautiful life or is it consumed with Iphones, Instagram and pinterest? God has blessed us with a beautiful world full of people to serve and love let's not miss out on what He has for us!

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