The Beauty of Surrender

For the last week I have been thinking about these simple words from Elizabeth Elliot, "He gives all. He asks all." 

My first reaction when reading a quote like that is to clench up my fists and hold on even tighter to my own plans and desires. Feelings of depression may creep in as I think about giving up everything I want in this life. I know I must do it but it seems impossible and like a pursuit that will only lead to despair. I am realizing more and more though, that the first sentence is the key and the part that I should be focusing on more because, well, it's an astounding fact. 

Let's think about it for a moment. Jesus gives us all that He is. That means...
His joy in every trial and circumstance
His peace that surpasses all understanding 
His love, even for those we think impossible to love
His strength even in the toughest times
His gentleness and meekness 
His patience even when it seems impossible 
His protection, He will fight our every battle
...and the list could go on and on!

Oh, why would I ever hesitate to give Him my all? When you see all that He pours out on us you start looking to see if there is more you can give because the little bit you have doesn't seem near enough in comparison. 

He gives abundant life and only when I have let go of myself completely will I really be able to experience it. I am learning that surrender is not something that should make me cringe or depressed instead it only brings beautiful freedom and joy. He is the one who formed me and He knows what is best for me. It says in Psalms that "No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly." That means that if I don't have something I desire right now then it's not Gods best for me and don't I want His very best?? Again in Psalms it says "He only does wondrous things!" Of course trials will come but I have a God that walks me through trials and makes it possible to have joy and peace throughout them and sometimes it's in those trials that we receive the greatest blessings and He does the most wondrous things! 

When I truly understand who my Savior is I can gladly surrender all to Him. He alone is worthy of my all and I will never regret giving Him everything.

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